Henry and Hamilton first met while Hamilton was working at a lumberyard in Detroit, MI. Henry gave Hamilton his business card and rolled off as Hamilton continued to stack lumber. Following this meeting it was repeatedly suggested to Hamilton that he should get in contact with Henry to collaborate on a project, and when Hamilton did finally dial Henry’s number, they were both surprised to find that their phones did not ring. They had both called each other at the exact same moment for the exact same reason, and in that moment their serendipitous collaboration was born.

Through our collaborations we navigate the nuances of an artworld that we operate both inside of and around, utilizing our friendship, communication and phones as our primary mediums. As a collaboration we define our practice as an exercise in articulation and consensus based decision making. Much of our work confronts notions of success and meaning, as the gestures and conceptual challenges encountered through our improvisation subverts traditional economies and intentions. Operating between desires to exist in the moment and to contextualize the moment as it unfolds, we conduct our exploration of aesthetic spaces as a way to justify our play as work.