The Mobile Anagama Americana Propaganda Sprig Wares

Made from stoneware and ‘Wildzville” North Carolina clay, adorned with porcelain sprigs and fired in the Mobile Anagama. Made while I was a resident artist at STARworks Center for Creative Enterprises in Star, NC in the summer of 2015.

The Mobile Anagama Americana Propaganda Sprig Wares pare together the very democratic and romantic notions of North Carolina pottery with the extravagant and opulent history of sprigged wares, to advertise the functional potential of the mobile wood kiln format and to generate a sort of mythos about its success, while simultaneously displaying a self awareness about the absurdity of doing such a thing.

They are satirical pieces regarding the entanglement of social media and contemporary artistic practices. They expose and question the exaggerated culture of persona and shameless self-promotion in art on social media, and are also formed to specifically participate as images on those platforms, highlighting the seemly inevitable need to participate and using that participation as an opportunity to question itself. By showcasing the potentially problematic relationship between this necessary narcissism and my genuine aspirations for positive outcomes as a result of my projects, I am feeling more confident and transparent about the convoluted nature of being an artist.