Hamtramck Radiator


( Photograph by Ali Lapetina )

Virginia R. Torrence and I purchased Hamtramck Radiator, a three story row-house with a brick storefront and fenced-in lot on Carpenter Ave. in Hamtramck, MI, on September 1st of 2017. It is our home, and a ceramic centric live/work artist residency space with two rooms available to resident artists on the first floor of the house and studios in the brick storefront. We are amidst renovations, and plan to be for some time, but our first resident artist has moved in, and our electrical, heat and water is all now in working order. In addition to residency housing and personal studios, we plan to start a community arts studio in an adjacent storefront that will host classes and other programming; serving as a safe and open platform for all kinds of creative endeavors.